A lifestyle of convenience, leisure,
community and independence

With an extensive choice of facilities and activities,
Rob Roy affords you every opportunity to enjoy independent
interests and to share in the spirit of community with fellow
residents. Make use of the following facilities at your leisure:



Lounges and Dining

  • Two lounges, the Jacobite and the Glengyle,
    for residents and guests
  • The Duke of Montrose residents’
    dining room
  • The MacGregor Bar in-house pub
  • King James VII Community Centre


  • A 97-seater cinema/auditorium
  • Card room and snooker lounge
  • Darts
  • Hobby workshops
  • An indoor heated pool
  • Pristine astro-turf bowling green
  • Gymnasium
  • Walking paths
  • Children’s play area
  • Several libraries for quieter moments
  • Entertainment Committee – a dedicated
    group of residents organises various
    events and activities such as guest
    speakers, excursions and live entertainment.
    There’s always something on the go!


  • Fully equipped Care Centre
  • Assisted living
  • In close proximity to doctors and
    hospitals, with transport provided

Facilities / Services

  • Shop and hairdresser
  • Laundry facilities
  • Private transport can be arranged for
    shopping, doctors’ appointments and
    organised outings
  • Private indoor post boxes
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Car wash facilities
  • Two generators – you will never
    be in the dark!
  • Shopping trolleys provided for easy
    transport of groceries from parking
    lot to apartment

The retention of the name Rob Roy motivated the Developers to name the
various areas within the Village after people and places closely related to
Rob Roy. The Jacobite Lounge – the clan he belonged to; King James VII
Community Centre – the reigning King at the time; Glengyle Lounge –
his birth place; The MacGregor Pub – his surname; Mary Campbell Wing –
his wife’s name; Duke of Montrose Dining Room – his arch enemy.