A more rewarding retirement lifestyle

Retirement is not a restriction, it’s freedom!



Whether you’re looking for peaceful rest and relaxation, or a spot of activity and excitement, the Rob Roy Retirement Lifestyle Village atop Botha’s Hill has it all.

With a vast array of top quality facilities and activities, you can partake in as much
or as little as you desire. Whether it’s conversation, games, a quiet stroll or a good book, it’s all available for you right here at Rob Roy. Living facilities are modern and fully equipped to cater for all your needs and can choose from a range of luxury apartments and freestanding houses. Rob Roy is a secure sanctuary, providing comfort, convenience, community and quiet.

The security and well-being of our residents is paramount and you will find that our magnificent grounds are well protected by solid brick walls, electric perimeter fencing and patrolling guards. At Rob Roy, you can rest easy, every night.

It’s time to experience the leisure of life.

“fully equipped to cater for all your needs”