Peace of mind, serenity and society

Every effort has been made, and precautionary steps taken,
to ensure the safety and security of Rob Roy’s residents.



A solid brick wall, topped with electric fencing, has been constructed along the Mackenzie and Rob Roy Crescent boundaries of the development. Other boundaries have an electrified palisade concrete fence and all electric fencing has an alarm system, which is linked to the gatehouse. Access to the site by residents and visitors is via a single CCTV-monitored access control point, manned 24 hours a day. In addition, there are 24-hour security patrols and all apartments and houses are linked to the security gatehouse. Rob Roy has a 5-star grading in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Residents can stay in touch with each other, or relatives on the other side of the world, with ease. Fibre-optic cabling has been installed throughout the complex, giving high-speed access to the internet and emails. Each house and apartment is equipped with either a nurse or emergency call service.

In close proximity to Hillcrest and Kloof, Rob Roy offers a bus service for residents
to go shopping and to the doctor or hospital and it is available for organised excursion bookings.

A secure lifestyle of tranquillity and ease.

“a 5-star grading in terms of the
Occupational Health and Safety Act”